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Stipendiatin Irene Mbakilwa aus Tansania: Reportagen aus Deutschland

Irene MbakilwaDie Journalistin Irene Mbakilwa ist Stipendiatin des "Stipendienprojekts Journalismus & Religion" des Evangelischen Presseverbands. Für vier Wochen wird die Journalistin in der Redaktion mitarbeiten, eigene Geschichten für Tansania recherchieren und auf sonntagsblatt.de/stipendienprogramm ihre Eindrücke in Deutschland schildern.


In einer ersten kurzen Mitteilung stellt sich Irene Mbakilwa vor:

"My name is Irene Mbakilwa, a journalist work with Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation –TBC- . This is a state owned Media and runs Television Station and three radio stations namely TBC FM, TBC Taifa and TBC International.
I am glad to inform you that I arrived safely from Tanzania and enjoyed the trip since is my first time to come to Germany. I have 13 years of experience in the field of journalism and I have done both in printing and broadcasting media. I am now based in Iringa region but the headquarters of TBC located in Dar Es Salaam. 
So every day I have to cover the stories as assigned by my News Editor and send them to Dar Es Salaam through Internet. I have to do stories for both Radio and TV. Due to the limited number of staff, I am forced to take video shots in many events and edit the clips myself and send the edited clips to Dar es Salaam. But the Editor should edit the script before I do editing to ensure that everything is going on well.
In general Tanzania has more than ten TV stations, more than 50 radio stations and 100 News Papers including weekly and monthly.
I hope to gain new experience on how media is operating in German compared to our country Tanzania since I believe you are more advanced in technology and everything. I will also share the little I have from Tanzania Media and you can advise what to do more to improve the sector in Tanzania.
I am so humbled to be in German and I thank the Programm "Journalism & Religion" to sponsor me to come to Munich. May God bless you all.
Irene Mbakilwa"

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